What To Feed Your Dog or Cat

     True confessions:  I work in veterinary medicine, I talk with veterinarians and researchers all the time for Scout’s House’s radio show about pet care, including pet nutrition, and yet I still am not sure I’m making the best food choices for my own pets. 
     Is the fish and potatoes kibble I give my dog with cancer the right choice?  Sure, it helps her allergies, but are there PCBs in the fish?  How much food should I be serving my tubby tabby everyday to get some weight off him?  It’s hard to know since there’s no caloric information about the cat food on the bag or can.  Is the premium cat food I buy for my cats really good for them or am I just putting out a lot of money for a bag full of chicken beaks? 
     So you can understand why I was so pleased to read about the new book Feed Your Pet Right: The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog and Cat by Marion Nestle and Malden Nesheim.  Nestle, a New York University nutrition professor and author of food industry exposés What to Eat and Food Politics, teamed up with Nesheim, a professor of nutrition emeritus from Cornell, to help pet owners decode all the confusing (and often conflicting) information that’s out there about pet nutrition so that we can make intelligent, informed choices about the food we feed our pets.   
     For more information about the book, click the links below.  And don’t miss our podcast on Tuesday, July 6th, when we talk with acclaimed veterinary nutritionist Dr. Andrea Fascetti from the University of California at Davis about the role of nutrition in the management and prevention of disease in dogs and cats.  To listen live–and to ask Dr. Fascetti your questions–go to http://specialpetsspecialneeds.com at 1pm Pacific time on July 6th. 

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