The Downside of Home-Cooked Meals (And Other Startling Facts About Pet Nutrition)

by Lisa Stahr

   I’ve spent a fascinating day today reading some of the (many) publications issued by our July 6th podcast guest, veterinary nutrition guru Dr. Andrea Fascetti of UC Davis, and I can say with confidence that I am really looking forward to our show. 
     Dr. Fascetti is considered one of the leading veterinary nutritionists in the country and as such has strong opinions about what to feed your pet.  For example, did you know that in most cases it’s in the animal’s best interest to eat a commercially available food?  Or that home-cooked diets, although almost always delivered with the best of intentions, can be harmful to your pet?  Or that there are risks to adding nutritional supplements to a complete and balanced commercial diet? 
     Yeah, neither did I.
     So if you want to learn more about things like “diet drift” and the value of “feeding trials,” then don’t miss our next show on July 6th at 1pm Pacific time with Dr. Fascetti.  And bring your questions!

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