Vestibular Disease in Dogs and Cats

Great show last Tuesday with veterinary neurologist Dr. Anne Chauvet about vestibular disease.  Until I talked with Dr. Chauvet, I didn’t know:
— cats could get it (I’ve just seen it in old dogs)
— a few days on flagyl can trigger it
— that you should always have your pet checked for high blood pressure when a vestibular attack occurs as that could be the cause (and if it is, it’s treatable)
— and you can help alleviate the symptoms in your pet if you apply pressure to the base of the neck and shoulder blades on the side your pet is leaning to.
All great information–and something we all hope we never need to practice.  If you’d like to hear the show, go to and click “Listen to Our Podcasts” in the upper right corner of any screen, and click Episode 31.

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