Dog Auctions

by Lisa Stahr

I have a black Lab, Belle, whom we adopted from Golden Gate Lab Rescue two years ago.  Belle is so sweet, so hungry for love, and so afraid of everything–falling leaves, parked cars, garbage cans, telephone poles, you name it–that my husband and I thought for sure she had vision problems.  She doesn’t, but the veterinarian/animal behaviorist we worked with to help Belle be more comfortable in this world thinks it highly likely that Belle was a breeder dog in a puppy mill.  And that makes total sense.  As a breeder, she probably spent most of her time in a crate or a box, not outside, seeing leaves fall off a tree or a car parked on the street.
So it’s for Belle’s sake that I’m passing this on.  If you love dogs, please read Dr. Nancy Kay’s blog post about dog auctions.  We should all be aware of that these things exist (I didn’t know)–and do something about it.

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