9 Great Ways to Keep A Dog from Slipping on Floors

1)  Get non-slip dog boots (we have a couple of good ones to recommend)
2)  Put down area rugs or carpet runners (yoga mats work really well, too)
3)  Use stick-on paw pads
4)  Strengthen your dog’s legs with rehab therapy (had to put that in!)
5)  Use baby gates to block off the rooms with hardwood or tile
6)  Carry your dog everywhere (not really an option for those of us with big dogs)
7)  Put a RuffWear harness on him and hold on to the handle (labor intensive but it works)
8)  Use an anti-slip spray (created for show dogs to keep them from slipping in the ring)
9)  Carpet the house, bathrooms included (because dogs always follow you to the bathroom)

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2 Responses to “9 Great Ways to Keep A Dog from Slipping on Floors”

  1. We tried putting little socks on the dog to protect the wood laminate flooring but that just make him slide.

  2. scoutshouse says:

    Yep, that’s why we recommend using nonslip socks or booties for pets. No figure skating in the house!

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