The 2011 Scout’s House Holiday Video

For those of you who missed the 2011 Scout’s House Holiday Video, here it is–enjoy!


The 2011 Scout's House Holiday Video


2 Responses to “The 2011 Scout’s House Holiday Video”

  1. Susan ALLAN says:

    I live in Queensland Australia, and have a 11year old Jack Russell with Coonhound Paralysis. This is day 40 and she crawling, with encouragement.
    Its a full time job looking after her, as she needs to be near us 24hours a day, other wise she becomes very distressed.
    Its comforting to hear from other people, who have gone, or, are going through the same thing, and to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  2. scoutshouse says:

    There is a light at the end of the tunnel, Susan. Although not all dogs recover to the same degree, it’s good to know there’s hope. Keep moving her limbs for her everyday, keep turning her from side to side so that she doesn’t get pressure sores, prop her up with rolled up blankets or towels as bolsters so that she can sit sternally for a bit everyday, keep her stimulated mentally so that she doesn’t get depressed, and don’t give up hope!

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