Our Mission

We are the champions of special needs dogs and cats.

These unique pets are a forgotten segment in our society, too often overlooked or seen as dispensable by many pet owners, animal shelters, breed clubs, even rescue groups. But we’re here to tell you a dog’s inability to walk does not diminish his ability to love and be loved. And an old cat’s incontinence does not lessen, in any way, her gratitude for affection and care. Year after year at Scout’s House, we’ve seen special needs pets face their physical limitations with remarkable dignity and equanimity. And no matter how disabled they are by age or disease, we have never seen them lose their ability to love, or to show how grateful they are for our love.

Our goal at Scout’s House is to shine the light on these special pets, to share their stories so that everyone can know their courage, their spirit, and—most of all—their value to us. Our goal is to connect their guardians with the products, services, and information they need to help their pets live more comfortable and more functional lives.

Yes, sometimes living with a special needs dog or cat is a lot of work. But all of us who have done it will tell you it was one the most gratifying and rewarding experiences we’ve ever had.

We live with special needs pets. And we are better people for it.