Dasuquin FOR CATS Urinary Health Supplement


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An effective arthritis supplement, Dasuquin for Cats is also used by veterinarians to
improve lower urinary tract health in cats, an important benefit for those
of us with cats who are paralyzed or suffering from recurring urinary tract infections. How? T
low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate found in Dasuquin for Cats replenishes
the compounds that are found in the cells in the inner lining of the bladder, strengthening the bladder lining and improving
bladder health.

Dasuquin capsule contains a natural chicken and tuna-flavored powder, which may
be mixed into your cat’s food, or you can just “pill” your cat with
the intact capsule if that’s more convenient. 84 capsules per bottle.

Perfect for cats who are: suffering from urinary tract issues; geriatric; incontinent or leaking urine; suffering from arthritis or other degenerative joint disease; paralyzed; recovering from joint injury or surgery.

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