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If your pet suffers from mild-to-moderate hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other painful hip issues, the support and stability provided by the Ortho Dog Hip Hound brace may be just the ticket to a more functional-and less painful-life. Both the neoprene brace and its accompanying harness are fully adjustable to fit dogs and cats of all ages, breeds, shapes, and sizes. Braces feature strong nylon side-squeeze buckles, sturdy Velcro straps, and rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, and every brace is sewn in the USA.

To choose the appropriate brace for your pet, please use the chart below:

10-25 lbs. SMALL
26-55 lbs. MEDIUM
56-100 lbs. LARGE

Perfect for pets who are: suffering from hip dysplasia or arthritis


Additional information

Weight .75 lbs

Small, Medium, Large

2 reviews for Ortho Dog Hip Hound Brace

  1. Cole/Bronson

    Hi my dog suffers from mild hip pain but worsed of all his knees are bothering him and this is due to him having an issue with his jocks having a degenerative disease. Weve had him examined by a Veterinarian an their end result was that he had hock displacia. When he walks or stands in certain positions his hock joint hyperextends.This is supposedly a disease that was passed down in his genetics from what I was told. My question is do you offer any type of harness for his hips that is some how supporting a brace of some to help his knee joint and hock joint from causing him to have pain. Hes a rednose pitbull and growing up and his first two years did lots of running beside the bike and was very mobile. We noticed the issue early and were concerned it was a break that was untreated. But was informed otherwise. I’ve researched quite a bit and have only found rear end hip harnesses for lifting assistance besides this sock type brace your offering. I would like to know if you have any type of combos that assist in both hip and knee. Then I would invest in a hock brace as well. Do you think this is too much and one would affect the other and would possibly be too much for the animal. Hes abour 100lbs. I could send measurements if need be

  2. Amy Rose

    My dog is right in between a medium and a large. Is there a way to be more sure by using measurements?

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