Show Foot Anti-Slip Spray


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If your pet’s feet slip on hard surfaces, Show Foot may be just what you need. Used in show circles to prevent dogs from slipping while in the ring, this non-irritating spray gives your dog or cat extra traction when walking on such surfaces as hardwood, tile, or concrete. The natural resin formula sprays on fast and dries very quickly, which you know is important if you’ve ever tried to put anything on your pet’s paws. And fair warning here: the label says “Harmful if swallowed,” which the manufacturer tells us is only because the product uses propellants to make it an aerosol. Propellants, although harmful if ingested when wet, dissipate once the product is dry. Just make sure your pet doesn’t lick his or her feet as you apply Show Foot, but after about 10 seconds of drying time, it’s perfectly safe for your pet.


8-oz. can


Perfect for pets who are: suffering from degenerative myelopathy or other neuro-degenerative diseases, arthritis, disk disease, such as IVDD; recovering from injury or surgery; weak in the rear limbs.

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