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Ruffwear Swamp Cooler

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A Cool Vest for Hot Dogs

Some dogs just can't take the heat. They do everything they can to cool off—lie in the shade, stay perfectly still, pant like crazy—but they still can't get comfortable. For these pups, we offer a unique cooling vest that works like an air conditioner for the body. Just wet the Swamp Cooler and let its unique 3-layer construction cool your dog off by absorbing your pet's body heat and releasing it through as it generates evaporation. The ice-blue fabric also helps keep your pet cool by reflecting sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Plus, it's designed for a comfortable fit on all breeds and features a relaxed cut that won't compromise your dog's movement.

A great cooling vest for all dogs, but particularly for geriatric pets, for dogs with laryngeal paralysis (keeps them cool so they won't pant as much), for pets with kidney problems, and for pets who have trouble regulating their body temperatures.

Perfect for pets who are: weak in the rear legs; paralyzed or unable to get up on their own; suffering from kidney problems, laryngeal paralysis, hip dysplasia, arthritis, IVDD, and old age.


  1. Measure your pet's girth, which is the widest part of your pet's rib cage (just behind the front legs).
  2. Choose a size in the table below that best fits your pet. If your pet is in between sizes, choose the next larger size for maximum coverage:
XXS 12"-19"
XS 17"-24"
S 23"-30"
M 27"-32"
L 31"-40"
XL 35"-48"