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No-Kill Animal Shelters

Monday, May 17th, 2010

by Lisa Stahr

     Last Tuesday on Special Pets, Special Needs, our Internet radio show, we talked about no-kill animal shelters, specifically what they are and how they work.  It turns out the no-kill shelter concept is quite controversial, although I still don’t understand why since it would seem all of us animal lovers would be behind the idea of not killing dogs and cats. 
     But ever since the show, I’ve been curious about how many people actually adopt pets from no-kill shelters specifically because they are no-kill shelters.  If you or someone you know has adopted from a no-kill shelter, let’s hear from you:  Did you choose a no-kill shelter because you supported the concept?  Or did you just happen to find the next love of your life at a no-kill facility?   Or did you go to a shelter that euthanizes animals so that you could save a life yourself?

The Controversy Around No-Kill Animal Shelters

Monday, February 15th, 2010

How in the world could anyone oppose a no-kill animal shelter?   Join Scout’s House tomorrow, February 16th, at 1pm Pacific when we talk to Lisa Simmons, Executive Director of Pets In Need, a no-kill shelter in Redwood City, California, about the no-kill shelter concept and why some people hate the idea.  Only on PDX.FM