For Veterinarians Only

Veterinarians can call (877) 500-1430 to schedule a rehab phone consultation

“Veterinarians: Not using Scout’s House as a resource is like using only half your pharmacy.”
– Sam Silverman, DVM, PhD

For our veterinary colleagues, we’ve assembled a variety of information for your use, including case studies, papers of interest, and videos, as well as services we provide. Please click on the following links for the information you require:

Referral Form

“When Is It Time?” Evaluation

Papers of Interest

Case Studies

Phone Consultations
To learn more about our telephone consultation program for veterinarians without access to a rehab facility, please click here.

To schedule a phone consultation for a comprehensive rehab therapy plan for one of your patients, please call Scout’s House at 650.328.1430.

To order products designed specifically for disabled dogs and cats, please click here.