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Scout’s House™ provides products and Services designed specifically for a handicapped pet, disabled pet, special needs pet, handicapped dog, disabled dog, special needs dog, handicapped cat, disabled cat, special needs cat, elderly dog, elderly cat, elderly pet, geriatric dog, geriatric cat, geriatric pet, senior dog, senior cat, senior pet, old cat, old dog, old pet, dog with degenerative myelopathy (DM) or intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), feline arthritis, canine arthritis, dog recovering from TPLO surgery or some other CCL surgery (which is like ACL surgery for dogs), TPO, FHO, TTA, Tightrope surgery, paralyzed dog, paralyzed cat, overweight dog, overweight cat, fat dog, fat cat, incontinent dog, incontinent cat, incontinent pet, or dog with spinal injury, cat with spinal injury, or pet with spinal injury.

We have everything you need for a special needs dog or cat: a pet sling, dog harness, cat harness, Ruff Wear dog harness, dog leashes and harness, harnesses for handicapped dogs (including dog harness with leg straps and step in dog harness, and we’ll even show you how to put on a dog harness!), dog boots, dog bed, dog treats, pet beds, dog diapers, dog incontinence products, disposable dog diapers, dog incontinence products, dog garment diapers, male dog diapers, Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers, large dog diapers, small dog diapers, washable dog diapers, dog diapers for incontinence, incontinent dog diapers, dog in heat diapers, and pretty much all of the dog rehabilitation mobility aid products you could ask for.