Our state-of-the-art hydrotreadmill enables pets to get a low-impact but highly aerobic workout. The warm water relaxes tight muscles and soothes achy joints while improving blood flow and facilitating healing.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

  • Hydrostatic pressure (the pressure water exerts on the body) can reduce swelling, helpful for pets recovering from trauma or surgery;
  • The water’s buoyancy decreases the amount of weight bearing on joints, making it possible for pets with painful conditions, such as arthritis and hip dysplasia, to work out more comfortably and more effectively than on land;
  • Buoyancy also makes it possible for pets who cannot stand due to weakness or pain to stand in water, helping them to begin bearing weight again.

For Paralyzed Pets
Aquatherapy can increase joint range of motion and improve a pet’s gait mechanics, especially critical for animals learning to walk again.

For Arthritic and Overweight Pets
The water’s resistance provides a more effective workout for arthritic or overweight dogs and cats than walking on land, while the water’s buoyancy reduces the strain on joints that are already stressed by disease or extra weight.